Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hello World

So I haven't posted in a while. The thing about the Ponder Couch, is that it is comfy and promotes naps and procrastination every bit as much as the viewing and reviewing of nerdy goodies. In my absence from the blog, however, I'd like to think that I have been amassing experiences and materials to write about. I watched a movie that I was warned not to see. It is currently considered one of the most offensive horror movies ever made, and it has certainly earned the hype. I won't call it the reigning champ, however, as I have faith in humanity to continue to make filthy movies that are more horrifying still. I assume that people may be irritated that I haven't said the title of said film, and I do this, because I don't want to risk actually publicly recommending in any way shape or form.

Since last I wrote, I attended a comic trade show, and participated in Free Comic Book day. Yes, I am a comic nerd. As a result I am quite fond of a new comic series (by which I mean new to me) Hack/Slash. The Basic premise of the series is that Cassie Hack hunts down Slashers, which are supernatural serial killers much like Jason Vorheez, with her partner Vlad, who resembles Jason. She fell into this business after surviving a run in with her first slasher, The Lunch Lady, who was her own mother. This isn't terribly new ground, as the scooby gang, amongst others, have been hunting down baddies for quite some time. That said, I love the books and highly recommend them. Cassie and Vlad are characters you will care about, and as a long time horror fan with a special fondness for slashers, I enjoy seeing the original slashers they come up with.

Something else I have gotten up to is a new tattoo. I have always had a love for be movies, and some years back, I had Freak, from the Washington St. Artistic Design tattoo the Army of Darkness painting on my left calf. As soon as that tatt was finished, I knew I wanted a companion to bookend it on my other leg. Just under two weeks ago I went back in to see Freak, and had him tattoo the Toxic Avenger on my right calf. Thus I cemented Troma Entertainment's place in my heart, with a permanent place on my skin. The tattoo, turned out amazing, and I cannot wait to show it to Troma President Lloyd Kaufman at the next convention I run into him.

I think that wraps up my post for now, but I have more to write about, and I hope to get a part 2 in here soon. Thanks for reading!

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