Sunday, November 20, 2011


I got a box from Geeky Clean!!!

Geeky Clean is a wonderful purveyor of geeky soap.

This time around I got the Firefly Collection and Monkey Farts.

Many of the Geeky Clean Soaps come with a toy prize inside! (just like Cracker Jacks and cereal used to!) I like that. The Wash-o-Saurus bar has a toy T-rex in it and the Monkey Farts has a Barrel o' Monkeys monkey in it.

The soap also has a hard plastic packaging, the lids of which have bar-specific labels that can be collected like trading cards! Even more appropriate for geeks.

I put the Fruity Oaty Bar in our downstairs bathroom. It smells like a fruit mixture and reminds me of fruit snax.

The Monkey Farts on the sink in my bathroom. It has a strong and pleasent banana scent.

And the Wash-o-Saurus in my shower. It has a lovely fruit punch scent.

I've been enjoying them all and highly recommend Geeky Clean to all of you geeks!

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