Saturday, February 9, 2013


I get ideas from time to time that I would love to use, but don't have time or money or abilities to realize in tangible form. I hear zefrank calls this "brain crack" as in ideas that stay in your brain and you think about all the time (I think...). I would like to come up with my own word for ideas that you get out because you have to get them out.... I'll come up with it later...

1. I would love there to be a membership card you could buy that would get you into any hotel pool in the world.

(as always, any pictures I didn't take myself are stolen from a Google image search)

I love swimming in hotels. I would love to be able to swim in hotels and use their water slides and such even when I'm not actually staying there. If there was a card I could buy that would let me swim in hotels even if I'm staying with friends or something, I would pay a good deal of money each year for the privilege.

I am no business person so I have no idea how this could work. Maybe it would have to be one specific hotel per card. That way only that hotel would get the money from your membership, but at least you would have hotel pools available to you without renting a room. I would prefer it to be at least a few different hotels, that way there would be a better chance that there would be a pool nearby.

2. I would love to see an art exhibit where someone would trace a bunch of chalk outlines on some blacktop.

Then a group of preschoolers that have no concept of death would be set loose to draw and color with chalk in these outlines. Or, instead of chalk, they were given red fingerpaint.

I would love to see the results.

3. I think everything should cost 5 dollars. I wrote about this on my tumblr. I will copy and past it below the picture of 5 dollars.

This is how I think money should work.
Everything should cost 5 Dollars.
“How much is that pizza?”
“5 Dollars.”
“How much is that gumball?”
“5 Dollars.”
“How much is that very expensive-looking boat?”
“5 Dollars.”
“Great! I’ll take them all and eat a pizza on my boat and then chew gum!”
Everybody’s paychecks would read “A lot of 5 Dollars.” And we could all afford everything.
“How much is that light purple octopus?”
“5 Dollars.”
“And how about those bags of popcorn?”
“5 Dollars.”
“For how many bags of popcorn?”
“However many you need.”
“Good because I need a lot of bags of popcorn to feed my new octopus. I’m sure glad I get paid a lot of 5 Dollars!”
“Hey! That’s how much I make!”
And then they give each other a high-five (dollars.)

That's all of my ideas I needed to get out at the moment. I may do these from time to time.

I got it! Idearrhea! An over-flowing of ideas that just need to spill out all over the place!

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