Monday, December 2, 2013

A Ponder Couch Christmas List!

It's Christmas Season! So here's my Christmas List!

Well... actually it's my Amazon Wish List, but it can still work as my Christmas List.

It's all stuff I would like to own, but most of it is silly shelf-filler like a complete Tom Servo replica:

And other things that cost more money that I am willing to spend at the moment for something I won't use very often, but would like to have for... pictures... and looking at... and just knowing that I have it because sometimes having things makes me feel good.

Many of the items are silly, but some of them are for this very site! I do reviews of defictionalized products whenever I can find them. Many of them I can only find on the Internet, and even more of them are available in picture form, but not available for purchase.

Anyway, here are some items from the Ponder Couch (Sethifus's) Christmas List! 2013

A Coffee of Doom cup/mug from Questionable Content! It's a coffee cup! I would drink with it and say something from the comic! Like... "Butts!" or something...

An E is for Energy Tank coffee mug! It's from Mega Man! I'd pour the Mega Man E-Tank energy drink into it and drink from it in the review! So it looks more like the E-Tanks in the games!

I just checked and it's not there anymore. Maybe you could find it somewhere else...

It's the future hat from Back to the Future 2! I'd wear it and say things like "Heavy..."!

It's the stapler from Office Space! I'd staple things and quote Milton! Like "I'll set the building on fire..."!

Slurm energy drink! From Futurama! It's not available. I've been looking for a while and would very much like to review it.

Caf-Pow energy drink! From NCIS! I don't really know much about the show, but I like Abby and would like to review this as well!

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Walley Moose Egg Nog Mugs! I would love to have one or a set of these! I'd put real Egg Nog in them (even though I'm not a big fan of egg nog, but I love Christmas Vacation) and quote lines from the movie like "Can I refill your eggnog for you? Get you something to eat? Drive you out to the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead?"

Booty Sweat energy drink from Tropic Thunder! It's not available. I've seen the movie once but don't remember much. But if someone gifted it, I would rewatch the movie and review it!

Soylent Green from... Soylent Green! I've never seen the movie, but I would seek it out and quote the Hell out of it while eating these crackers!

I love Chocolate Frogs! I would like to do a big review with all of the Harry Potter defictionalized candy. I'd love to take a trip to Universal Studios and review Butterbeer and Pumpkin Juice and all the other stuff as well (and then I'd jet over to the Downtown Springfield section to review real Duff Beer, a Flaming Moe, Krusty Burger, etc), but I'd settle for a box of Chocolate Frogs!

A talking Krusty the Klown Doll! I would review it and compare it to the murderous Krusty Doll from the Treehouse of Horrors episode. I want this doll.

A Duff Beer pint glass. I would like this for the eventuality that I could get an official Duff Beer or one of the many unofficial Duff Beers that are available in lots of places I will probably never go.

That's this year's Christmas List! If any of you can find it in your hearts to donate one, two, seven of these, I would be very greatful and mention your name(s) many times on the site and in each review that used one of your gifts!

If you can find any of these or any other defictionalized products not listed that you would like to see me review, I would love to review them!

And if you can get me one or more of those "real" Duff Beers, well I'd do my best to find you and kiss you RIGHT ON THE MOUTH!

Probably not really on the mouth, but I'd be very happy with you.

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