Monday, December 9, 2013

A Wishlist for Imaginary Things

Last week I wrote about my Ponder Couch Christmas List. Those are all things that you can/could buy. This list is a wishlist for things that do not actually exist (outside of movies/tv shows). Here are some products I want Defictionalized so I can review them. Let's get to it.

1. Cuke

Cuke Cola from the "Friend Face" episode of the IT Crowd.

I would love to have a can of Cuke to review. I would crack it open, take a sip, and say

2. Duff Beer

I have written about Duff Beer before.

I know that there are lots of versions of Duff Beer that are unofficial (I want to try them ALL but NONE of them are available in my area), and there is even real Duff Beer available in Universal Studios Florida, but I would like it to be widely available. I would love to be able to drive over to Marsh and pick up a sixpack of Duff to take home and drink while I watch DVDs of the Simpsons.


3. Melonade and Fluffy Puff Marshmallows

I love Homestar Runner. I wish they were still making new Homestar Runner and Strongbad cartoons. I also wish I could buy these products and pretend that I could go to Free Country, USA.

4. Anything from Back to the Future 2

I want Power Lace Nikes (real ones that actually powerlace), Pepsi Perfect, and Hoverboards.

I would settle for one pink Mattel Hoverboard that actually hovered.

5. Stuff made by ACME and Krebstar

Yes. I know there are lots of manufacturers named Acme, but I want the kinds of things Wylie Coyote bought.

I just wish they were out there, making fantasy more real.

That's it for this list! I might make another one some other time when I think of more products I'd like defictionalized, but for now...

Can somebody please buy me a real Duff Beer....

or pay for my trip to Universal Studios?



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