Friday, December 20, 2013

For you AVGN/Cinemassacre fans, this is my Giant Claw

You know what I'd like to get my grubby, grabby, midwestern hands on?


I want that puppet from the CoCo Wheats commercial!

Don't remember it? Let's see if I can find it again on youtube...

Found it! But it won't let me embed. Click Here to see the commercial!

I loved/hated this commercial growing up! I was enthralled by, but kind of afraid of the "ugly" CoCo Wheats puppet. I watched the commercial with fear and fascination just waiting for and dreading the moment that the horrible bowl of dark, putrid evil leaped to center screen!

And I wanted it. I wanted to own that horribly ugly puppet. I hoped that it was available as a "special offer", back of the box premium, but no such luck.

I never ate oatmeal or cream of wheat for breakfast, I was more of an open-faced pb and honey sandwitch sort of guy, but I would have gladly choked down several week's worth of slimey, grainy chocolate if it meant that I could send in a few boxtops and a check for shipping and handling to get a bowl of evil puppet! And I would've played with it every day and kept it in a place of honor next to my My Pet Monster. Sigh...

Just look at that thing

(I don't remember where I found this picture. It's been in my photos folder of awesome things for over a year. I got it off of google)

Look at it! It's like a Boglin

(image from wikipedia, through a google search)

I somehow wasn't aware of these growing up, but they go together like a ramma lamma lamma...

I would've been scared of Boglins, too. In fact, I might have been aware of them and so scared that I blocked out the memory.

I still want this silly thing. If anybody knows where it is, please let me know. I would love to own it, or at least see it in person some day.

It's not ugly. It's beautiful!

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