Sunday, December 1, 2013

Summer Thing in Christmas Time!

It's Christmas season! So I'm going to do a quick review of a summer treat.

I have been thinking about ice cream bars in the shape of licensed characters a lot lately. Partially because the Brothers Chaps did a couple things about that:




And also because I've been reading through Dinosaur Dracula's archive and he did articles about them HERE!




Oh, and HERE!

I love Dinosaur Dracula (and Mummy Shark!)!

So as I've been thinking about them, I've also been wanting to try them. You see I didn't have an ice cream truck that came near my house in the summer times. We had Schwan's delivery people, sure, but I don't think they ever had ice cream bars in the shape of licensed characters. If I ever tried one before, I don't remember.

They don't sell such things in any stores around here. At least not according to the Popsicle find our products search thing.


But I happened to spy one in the scary Shell Station convenience store across the street from the Children's Museum! I saw a SpongeBob one and a (an?) Hello Kitty one! I bought both! I ate the SpongeBob one:

And Princess Melawesome ate the Hello Kitty one. (I didn't get a picture of it)

It was... okay. I mostly wanted to see how the gumball eyeballs tasted and chewed. They were pretty much what I expected: hard and then just a little bit of gum once you've chewed for a minute or two. The ice cream was Fruit Punch and Cotton Candy flavored, and it was the airiest... most full of air ice cream I've ever eaten. There was almost nothing to it. Princess Melawesome said her Hello Kitty one was the same way.

But this blog is all about stuff I like (and/or create), so I must admit that over-all I liked it. The flavor was pretty good, and I love treats that end up gum (Razzles!) so... yep... I like ice cream treats in the shape of licensed characters. And if I find more different kinds, I'll probably buy and eat them. Especially if they have gumballs as eyes or noses or rosy cheeks!

This is the most link-heavy post I've done.

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