Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ugly Christmas Sweater!

A song about an Ugly Christmas Sweater:

I sort of channel the ghost of Buddy Holly in this one. Or... maybe a Buddy Holly impersonator.

Here're the lyrics:

 get anxious when I see an evergreen tree
covered in tinsel and lights.
I start to perspire when I hear a choir
singing "Silent Night".

My forehead starts to bead when the pastor reads
about shepherds hearing good news.
My neck hair mats down when there's fruitcake around
and my feet flood my Christmas Shoes.

My palms get wet when I see silhouettes
of carolers out in the snow.
It flows down my back when nuts start to crack
and I pit out underneath mistletoe.

I love the Holiday Season and it makes me want to cry.
I'm and Ugly Christmas Sweater but by New Year's Eve
I'm cute and dry (x2)

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