Thursday, January 30, 2014

What to do with the Stubs?

Look at that thing. Isn't it great? I got the idea from Pinterest.

For most of my life I've loved ticket stubs. Early on it was mostly movie ticket stubs because I didn't go to many other events that required tickets until I was a teenager. Then, as a teen, I started liking other kinds of ticket stubs as well.

But my love of ticket stubs didn't extend much beyond keeping them in coat pockets or my wallet until they fell apart or got lost. I didn't have any kind of real collection of stubs, but I didn't want to throw them away either. They weren't sacred items, just pleasant reminders of entertainments past.

I thought about collecting them in a scrapbook or one of those photo albums with the sticky cardboard pages that have a plastic film you lift, stick things to the page, and then trap them with the film, but ultimately they weren't important enough for me to keep track of them long enough for me to organize them.

Then I saw something very similar to the photos above on Pinterest.

I liked this idea. It was a way to collect ticket stubs without the hassle of arranging them in a scrapbook. It was a way to haphazardly display my love cum collection. It appealed to my love of clutter.

I desperately wanted to make one!

Princess Melawesome and I drove to Michaels and I spent more money than I probably should have on a shadow box.
I cut a hole in the back.

Then, unlike the collection box I saw on Pinterest, I covered my poorly-cut hole with a piece of fabric onto which I ironed an iron-on image of my favorite kind of tickets: the "Admit One" tickets.

And thus my Ticket Stub Collection was born!

It's not just ticket stubs. I also put any interesting programs from shows or lectures, lobby cards, or anything else that has to do with entertainments past that tickle my fancy. But there are also plenty of ticket stubs: lots of movies, concerts, the State Fair, and even some from the Disneyland FASTPASS!

My ticket stubs still spend days, weeks, even a couple months in my pockets or wallet before I remember to add them to the Collection, but they usually find their way before they get lost.

If you love ticket stubs, I encourage you to make one of your own!

For more Ticket Stub fun check out Sir Mike's article on his Ticket Stub Collection!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Youtube Transcripts are funny!

Youtube has a feature on some videos called Transcript. Transcripts are written by a computer of some kind. They must be because they often stray far from what is actually said or sung. Either that or I need to sing and speak more clearly.

Here are some of my videos with the transcripts below them.

0:08 time needs to move
0:10 little more quickly times
0:13 18 farty long time takes its time
0:17 all too often anytime that you
0:21 are gone when you're not here I fear
0:25 that we might be far for answer
0:29 we knew work here my dear
0:32 where back to Kent their I wish she could last for our
0:37 time leads to new little more quickly
0:41 times 18 far too long
0:44 time places time out to you
0:47 often and anytime that's you
0:50 are gone when you're around I found
0:54 its rendezvous in Hannah team meeting
0:58 goes past sell fast
1:02 time is fleeting to this it's only a matter about
1:06 times the new little more quickly
1:10 times 18 far cue long
1:13 time if this time all too
1:16 of the end anytime that you are gone
1:20 anytime that's you are gone
1:24 I
0:01 do
0:04 down
0:08 I do these
0:11 grab the she didn't brides goofball showbiz DCI
0:21 reno's time
0:23 what happens paintball scary
0:28 girl and I never got future I
0:33 still her
0:36 all hidden treasure cereals pretty good to you
This next one I find particularly funny because I don't actually say anything in it. It must have picked up random words from the episode of Good Eats I have playing in the background. I've been considering turning this or another transcript from one of my videos into a song. Somebody told me that Rhett and Link already did that, though so...

0:12 she
0:13 huge
0:42 up
0:47 should
0:51 chip she
0:55 his
1:02 feature ish
2:05 here
2:47 up
2:49 this
2:58 mustard

Friday, January 17, 2014

Slap That Baby?! Make Him What?!?!?!

You've seen "Labyrinth" right?

You know, the movie made by Henson Associates and Lucas films. Well in that David Bowie/Goblin King song "Magic Dance" there is a line that I hear differently than the subtitles and lyrics on the internet read.

The line is "Slap that baby. Make him free", but I don't hear it that way.

I hear "Slap that baby, make him pee".

Listen for yourself. In the video below at around the 1:17 mark the goblin with the tall, Tinman from Wizard of Oz type hat says it. This one:

 Other places in the song it does sound like "make him free", but in that specific spot it sounds like "Make him pee!" Give it a watch/listen...

Doesn't that goblin say "Make him pee!"?!

I don't know... I still love that song... and all of the songs from that movie...

I just really love "Labyrinth".

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hoverboards, Pepsi Perfect, and Nike Power Lace Shoes!

Hey, remember back in December when I wrote a WISHLIST FOR IMAGINARY THINGS?

Well, in that list I mentioned 3 items from Back to the Future part 2 that I would like defictionalized so I could buy them and make them a part of my life and daily routines. And 2015 is just around the corner so I used all my connections to find out.

I wrote an e-mail each to Mattel's, Pepsi's, and Nike's customer service internet thing to see if this was a possibility.

Each e-mail was basically the same format for each company. "2015 is just around the corner... people want Back to the Future stuff... will __________ be available?"

Each company responded! Here are there responses:


Instead of reposting pictures stolen from google I decided to make quick, poorly-made MS Paint pictures of each item from BTTF2 I hope to see defictionalized.

First (and most importantly) I contacted Mattel. They answered:

This was the nicest/least formal response I got.

The gist: they dunno, but it would be pretty cool!


Next (and next-most important) was Pepsi. They answered:

This was more formal with the usual "we will pass your suggestions along, thank you for the feedback... etc" kind of thing.

The gist: they dunno.


Finally (the final important one) I contacted Nike about the Power Lace shoes. The answered:

Let me quote a part of this for emphasis (since I know you read each of these responses thoroughly).

" It has been rumored that Nike is said to have a paten for power laces, but we do not have any information as to if there is truth behind this."

The gist: There's a rumor that Nike has power laces, but they dunno!

Great! That's a bit of hope, right? There's a rumor! Nike's customer service admits that theres a rumor! That counts for something, right?!

I'll never get my hoverboard. :(

Friday, January 10, 2014

I love Garth Brooks and Chris Ballew.

The title is true! So I recorded this cover:

In the song (originally by Garth Brooks) I mention "Chris Ballew" (of the Presidents of the United States of America and Caspar Babypants)(both of which have commented on or put my covers of their songs on their facebook page)(click their names to see the videos!)

I grew up listening to both Garth and Chris from elementary school on. Yay music!

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Best Defictionalized Product Ever!

I love the Talkboy! Even though it doesn't work very well (see the video review above).

This Talkboy is not the one I got all those years ago. That one stopped working and I threw it away. This one I got off of ebay last year. It doesn't work very well and is missing the door for the batter compartment.

It looks a lot like the Talkboy in "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York", but not exactly like it. The things that stand out the most to me are that it is not the same shape.

Here it is in the package.

Here it is in the movie. (as usual, any photos I didn't take myself I got from a google image search).

Here is my Talkboy.

They look a little different.

I also noticed that the battery compartment of Kevin's Talkboy is on the bottom.

Whereas mine is on the back.

I can't find any stills of it, but Kevin's Talkboy has a green light and a red light by the speed controls. Mine does not.

In my video review you can see my Bozo Bop Bag clown toy Weeble thing. It's pretty cool.

But it's not exactly like Kevin's Bozo in the movie. His had arms.

Here's the video of the shower scene with Bozo. (until it gets taken down).


I also had the Monster Sap soap/gel that Kevin got from the toy store.

I had the purple one. It was just foam soap. I couldn't get it to shoot out like in the movie.

There were many other products in Home Alone 2, some of which were probably made into defictionalized products as well, but for my money the Talkboy is, and probably always will be, the best defictionalized product ever.