Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hoverboards, Pepsi Perfect, and Nike Power Lace Shoes!

Hey, remember back in December when I wrote a WISHLIST FOR IMAGINARY THINGS?

Well, in that list I mentioned 3 items from Back to the Future part 2 that I would like defictionalized so I could buy them and make them a part of my life and daily routines. And 2015 is just around the corner so I used all my connections to find out.

I wrote an e-mail each to Mattel's, Pepsi's, and Nike's customer service internet thing to see if this was a possibility.

Each e-mail was basically the same format for each company. "2015 is just around the corner... people want Back to the Future stuff... will __________ be available?"

Each company responded! Here are there responses:


Instead of reposting pictures stolen from google I decided to make quick, poorly-made MS Paint pictures of each item from BTTF2 I hope to see defictionalized.

First (and most importantly) I contacted Mattel. They answered:

This was the nicest/least formal response I got.

The gist: they dunno, but it would be pretty cool!


Next (and next-most important) was Pepsi. They answered:

This was more formal with the usual "we will pass your suggestions along, thank you for the feedback... etc" kind of thing.

The gist: they dunno.


Finally (the final important one) I contacted Nike about the Power Lace shoes. The answered:

Let me quote a part of this for emphasis (since I know you read each of these responses thoroughly).

" It has been rumored that Nike is said to have a paten for power laces, but we do not have any information as to if there is truth behind this."

The gist: There's a rumor that Nike has power laces, but they dunno!

Great! That's a bit of hope, right? There's a rumor! Nike's customer service admits that theres a rumor! That counts for something, right?!

I'll never get my hoverboard. :(


  1. Hey now, your MS Paint drawings are works of art. Don't short yourself!

    Fred | FloatingBoard

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