Friday, January 17, 2014

Slap That Baby?! Make Him What?!?!?!

You've seen "Labyrinth" right?

You know, the movie made by Henson Associates and Lucas films. Well in that David Bowie/Goblin King song "Magic Dance" there is a line that I hear differently than the subtitles and lyrics on the internet read.

The line is "Slap that baby. Make him free", but I don't hear it that way.

I hear "Slap that baby, make him pee".

Listen for yourself. In the video below at around the 1:17 mark the goblin with the tall, Tinman from Wizard of Oz type hat says it. This one:

 Other places in the song it does sound like "make him free", but in that specific spot it sounds like "Make him pee!" Give it a watch/listen...

Doesn't that goblin say "Make him pee!"?!

I don't know... I still love that song... and all of the songs from that movie...

I just really love "Labyrinth".


  1. I too heard pee every time. I'm glad someone finally pointed that out. Also, The Labyrinth IS greatness!