Sunday, January 19, 2014

Youtube Transcripts are funny!

Youtube has a feature on some videos called Transcript. Transcripts are written by a computer of some kind. They must be because they often stray far from what is actually said or sung. Either that or I need to sing and speak more clearly.

Here are some of my videos with the transcripts below them.

0:08 time needs to move
0:10 little more quickly times
0:13 18 farty long time takes its time
0:17 all too often anytime that you
0:21 are gone when you're not here I fear
0:25 that we might be far for answer
0:29 we knew work here my dear
0:32 where back to Kent their I wish she could last for our
0:37 time leads to new little more quickly
0:41 times 18 far too long
0:44 time places time out to you
0:47 often and anytime that's you
0:50 are gone when you're around I found
0:54 its rendezvous in Hannah team meeting
0:58 goes past sell fast
1:02 time is fleeting to this it's only a matter about
1:06 times the new little more quickly
1:10 times 18 far cue long
1:13 time if this time all too
1:16 of the end anytime that you are gone
1:20 anytime that's you are gone
1:24 I
0:01 do
0:04 down
0:08 I do these
0:11 grab the she didn't brides goofball showbiz DCI
0:21 reno's time
0:23 what happens paintball scary
0:28 girl and I never got future I
0:33 still her
0:36 all hidden treasure cereals pretty good to you
This next one I find particularly funny because I don't actually say anything in it. It must have picked up random words from the episode of Good Eats I have playing in the background. I've been considering turning this or another transcript from one of my videos into a song. Somebody told me that Rhett and Link already did that, though so...

0:12 she
0:13 huge
0:42 up
0:47 should
0:51 chip she
0:55 his
1:02 feature ish
2:05 here
2:47 up
2:49 this
2:58 mustard

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