Saturday, February 8, 2014

Clutter: 10 Magnets on the Ponder Fridge!

As I mentioned in this article I like Clutter. Especially organized, displayed clutter like on peoples' refrigerators.

I love to look at other peoples' refrigerators. I love all the pictures, drawings, clipped comics (for those people who still get newspapers with a comics section), and, of course, magnets.

Magnets are an odd little peek into a person's life. They are usually chosen specifically by someone in the household to display on their fridge, often to remind them of someone, some place, or some other time.

I took a look at my refrigerator:

It's pretty cluttered!
I've decided to skip over the pictures and drawings and other fridge accumulants (not a word) in favor of my 10 favorite magnets on the Ponder Fridge. (Ponder Couch, Ponder Haus, Ponder Kitchen, Ponder Fridge).
A magnet with Courage from the "Courage the Cowardly Dog" show!
I loved "Courage the Cowardly Dog" when it was on. It had some scary episodes, some funny episodes, and some downright strange episodes. I like all of those adjectives, so I liked this show. Plus it had what seemed like every kind of animation available at the time featured in at least one episode.
This magnet came from Chuck E. Cheese. I got it back in college when my friend Chris and I were considering pitching a travel show about confronting our fear of/fascination with animatronics. It would be called "In Search of Billy Bob" and we would travel the country visiting different restaurants, malls, and other establishments that featured animatronic shows. The goal of the show would be to find a complete Rock-afire Explosion band with Billy Bob the bear.
As we did some preliminary research for the show we visited a couple Chuck E. Cheese's and a McDonalds with a creepy animatronic Ronald McDonald holding the Happy Meal Gang (an anthropomorphic burger, fries, and drink). They sang songs. *shudder*
It didn't go much further than a few visits and a couple questions asked of the Chuck E. Cheese staff (who probably thought we were weird. We were... are.)
This magnetic A + Teacher fridge clip works pretty well. It can hold a lot of coupons and other papers and still stays on the fridge, unlike
These stupid clips. They clip pretty well, but they fall off every other time we open the fridge or walk past them. We have 5 or so on there.
A comic book style WHAM! magnet. I like it. It adds some nerdi/geekiness to the fridge. I got this from Half Priced Books. I also got
This stand mixer magnet and
This banana.
A magnetic eraser that came with a dry erase board we bought that I have since lost. I think this is a neat idea and I'm amazed I don't see these around more often. Those Board Dudes know what they're doing.
This pink princess castle came with a pad of paper that said "It's not easy being princess" on it. Princess Melawesome got it as part of a present from her friend. I liked the Engrish of the paper, and I love the castle magnet.
I got these word balloon magnets to hold the child-style artwork around it to make some quick photo comics for my online comic "Ponder and Enlightening". It worked well and I beat that idea into the ground.
A Gryffindor magnet holding up a "Trust Snape" sticker. That's right, we were right.
Honorable mention (number 11).

We have several rare-earth magnets that Sir Mike gave us. They are the best magnets on the fridge as far as sticking and not letting things fall off. They are awesome, but not much to look at.

That's the end!

Please leave a comment or a link to pictures of your fridge clutter!

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