Thursday, February 13, 2014

Project CALVIN and HOBBES: Calvin's Valentine to Susie!

(for an explaination of Project CALVIN and HOBBES click here!)

Happy Valentine's Day!

On February 12, 1986 Calvin made a Valentine for Susie Derkins. (pg. 44 of the first Calvin and Hobbes book "Calvin and Hobbes", pg. 58 in "The Complete Calvin and Hobbes", book 1)

It was a hate-mail Valentine.

Here is my recreation!

And here it is with the comic in my copy of "The Complete Calving and Hobbes"!

Calvin then got her some dead flowers and gave them to Susie on Valentine's Day. Susie called him a baloney brain and gave him a Valentine of a snowball to the head and called him an "insensitive clod".

I hope your loved ones give you lots of not-hate-mail Valentines and candy!

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Edit/Update (4/5/14): For some reason the pictures in this post disappeared. So I took a couple more and here's a bonus pic of my stuffed tiger Sprite with the valentine!

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