Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Roger Rabbit!

I love Roger Rabbit!
 All things Roger Rabbit!
I used to have kid's books, cake decoration PVC figures, shirts, a sweatshirt, posters, toys, and lots of other great stuff I don't have anymore.
But I do still have some stuff.
 I have the movie and cartoon shorts in VHS and DVD form...
I have 2 of the 3 books (no e-reader for "Who Wacked Roger Rabbit?" Soon...) and all of the comics!
And even most (if not all) of the cards (I should put them in order).
I wish they'd make another movie, but I have a feeling it will never happen.
But while I wait for the movie that will never come, here's a bunch of rare/forgotten videos I found on youtube! Enjoy them while they're still up!
First up, a Diet Coke commercial!


Next, a McDonald's commercial!
Here's some early test footage when Roger didn't look like Roger, Eddie wasn't Bob Hoskins, and Paul Ruebens was Roger's voice!


Here's some surprisingly good computer animation from the 90s! Testing out computer animation for a possible sequel/prequel.

Here's "Mickey's 60th Birthday Special. Roger is in the beginning, onscreen with Charles Fleisher (his voice)!

Now, I know Topher Grace already did this on his site "Cereal Prize", but here's the collection of Maroon Cartoon shorts!

And one last silly video. Here's a Disney Sing-along Songs video with a person in a Roger costume, singing along in Charles Fleischer's voice!
If you have any other rare/forgotten Roger Rabbit videos (other than the special features on the DVD/Bluray) leave them in the comments section!
Here's hoping for Roger Rabbit 2! P-b-b-b-b-b-b-lease!

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