Sunday, May 4, 2014

Here are some albums you should buy!

I've been writing and recording songs on youtube for a couple years now. I got a few requests for some albums of my songs for children so I decided to over-do it and put up 5 albums worth of original and arranged-by-me songs.

Here is where you can download my albums for children and the grown-ups in their lives!

1. "Bus? Bus? Bus?! The Wheels on the Bus and Other Toddler Favorites!"


And then here are all the other songs I've written and recorded. Most are not for children, just geeky adults. All the stuff I recorded as "Happy Mediocrity" and "sethifus".

1. "Happy Mediocrity: Psalms of Malaise (FREE SPONGE)"

2. "Pleasetube that Viewtube that Youtube so Well!"

And finally

3. "Holy Days" (all of my holiday songs)

That's all I've done so far! Buy them for yourself! Buy them for others! Encourage others to buy them! And all of that nonsense!

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