Saturday, May 31, 2014

Project CALVIN and HOBBES: Calvin's Tiger Drawing!

Hello! It's still May for a couple of hours!

I almost forgot to make a May entry for Project CALVIN and HOBBES! But here is a good one.

On the cover of 'Scientific Progress Goes "Boink"' we see Calvin's bedroom.

   (image from

On the wall is a drawing Calvin did of Hobbes in... marker? It might be paint or crayon, but the purposes of this recreation let's say it's marker.

(picture from my book and iphone, as are all the other drawings henceforth.)

I made this drawing a real thing.

I mean, it was a real drawing when Bill Watterson first drew it, but I made it into a marker drawing, not a picture of a picture.

No... that doesn't work either... I... this is a picture of a picture too, but I drew the drawing as if a child drew it instead of in a comic strip panel.

They look a bit alike.

There are differences. Mine has more marker smears, the orange blended with the black to make darker orange color while Calvin's did not. But I think mine looks a lot like Calvin's would in real life. I think I had one more stripe in the body of my tiger than Calvin's did.

Mine is not in a frame or matted (yet), and the legs might be a bit differently-shaped, but I think it turned out pretty good.

Sprite the Stuffed Tiger thinks that it looks more like him than Hobbes.

That's all for now! I will try to make the next entry in PROJECT CALVIN and HOBBES before the end of June.

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If you've ever made something from Calvin and Hobbes into real life, comment below and share a link!

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