Sunday, June 22, 2014

Krispy Kreme Glazed Pies! - a review from the Ponder Couch

I tweeted this after trying a Krispy Kreme Glazed Banana Kreme Pie and a Krispy Kreme Glazed Lemon Pie. They were both amazing. There are actually five different kinds of Krispy Kreme Glazed Pies available at the new Marsh grocery store which is up the street from my house (the Ponder Haus).

I loved all two of the glazed pies I tried and was sad that they were only for a limited time.

So I decided to review them all while they are still around. Then I found out that only the Banana Cream Glazed Pie (my favorite) is the only one that is for a limited time. Only.

So here goes the reviews!

Glazed Chocolate Pie! It was my least favorite. It kinda tastes like chocolate library paste. Library paste?  I looked it up and Library Paste is indeed what I meant.

Next Glazed Pie!

Glazed Apple Pie! I don't usually like apple pie, but this was pretty good!

The pieces of apple in it don't have the usual apple pie mouth feel that I like not so much.


I don't like apple pies.

Glazed Pie the 3rd!

Glazed Banana Kreme Pie! My favorite of all 5! I recommend that you try to find this and buy as many as you can while they are still available (Limited Time Only!)!

It's the best Banana Kreme Pie (or banana cream pie, for that matter) I've ever had. It so creamy and banana.... and the glazed doughnut pie crust... !

Glazed Pie 4!

Glazed Cherry Pie!

Cherry is the favorite fruit flavor for everything. It's fine. I like cherry flavor. It's pretty much always good in whatever product it resides.

Glazed pie is no different.

Glazed Pie the Last (5)!

Glazed Lemon Pie!

When the Limited Time (only) runs out, and the Banana Kreme Glazed Pies have left us forever, my only comfort will be that the Glazed Lemon Pies will still be around. They are my second favorite. So creamy lemon that you'll wish you wish you had a time machine to stretch out the taste for infinity and you could just taste it forever. Always just as delicious, always lemon cream.

That is all of them! Go out and try them if you want something new in your life that you'll want to keep eating even though they are not at all good for you.

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