Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Made Real: H*R- Marshie and Cold Ones!

I've been making things from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip real for almost 1/2 a year now for Project CALVIN and HOBBES! I plan to keep making something for Project C and H for as long as I can, but I've decided to expand it into"Made Real"!

For the "Made Real" series I will be making fictional things real from other sources that also make me happy! It could be other comics, cartoons, shows, movies, etc. Whatever I wanna make real, I'll make real!

I was thinking about calling the series something like "Joy Made Real" or "Awesome Made Real", but any and all of those just didn't seem enough. So I am going the Jack White III route and stripping it down to the essence: Made Real. It means all of those wonderful adjectives are becoming incarnate entities. I am taking stuff I love that doesn't really exist and turning them into little works of... real.

To start off the non-Calvin and Hobbes Made Real stuff I'm focusing on Homestar Runner! Homestar Runner and Strong Bad have been important to my ever since my friend Justin Whitcomb introduced me to them back in 2000-mumbles. I love them almost as much as C and H, but I do not have any H*R characters tattooed on me.

The first thing I've Made Real from Homestar Runner is Marshie! I took a real marshmallow, took a bite out of it, and drew on it.

That's... not as good as I remembered it being....

Here's the other!

Mmmmmm.... Cold Ones!

I didn't actually make any beer. These were empty bottles that I took the label off... of... and added my own sticker Cold Ones label! I took the Cold One image from the Homestar Wiki and printed it on sticker label paper! Then stuck them to the bottles.

They might've been root beer bottles. I don't remember.

Cheats like 'em.

A little too much. Cheat, don't spill any Cold One on the Ponder Couch! Princess Melawesome says "The Cheat needs to calm it down"!

That's it for the makin' stuff portion of this article post. Here's my Homestar Runner collection!

I've seen all of the cartoons and played the games and stuff on the interwebs.

Here's all of the DVDs!

The two shirts I have

Both are Cheat-related. I used to have the Homestar star, but I... don't... anymore...

The CD!

The Limozeen sticker that came with the CD!

... covered by a Ravenclaw sticker...

2 key chains!

And I had the Strong Bad messenger bag, but it got all ripped up. So I cut out the SB image and sewed it onto another messenger bag. Which also got worn out. Then I cut it out and sewed it onto my current messenger bag!

Lookin' good, Strongabea!

And the action figures!

on my embarrassingly-dusty shelf! I don't have series 2. I thought I did. I was wrong.

I also have Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People! digitally. I bought it for the computer and then for the Wii. I also have the Aquabats album with Strong Bad singing about Pink Pants! Also digital. Here's a video of him singing it with the Bat Commander!

And I think that's it! I would love to have more shirts and the 2nd series of figures from the Homestar Runner Store!

You know... if you wanna buy me something...

"A one that is not cold, is scarcely a one at all." - Strong Bad

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