Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Slush Puppy Freeze and Eat Slush Bars! A Review from the Ponder Couch

I am a big fan of all things Bill and Ted, and being the kind of geek/nerd/dork that I am I wanted to surround myself with as much Bill and Ted as possible. This meant watching the movies, cartoons, and live action TV show, eating the cereal, reading the comics. When all of those were exhausted I moved on to adding things from each medium. One of these things was slush drinks.

In the cartoon they drink a slush drink from the Circle K. That was enough for me. I became a fan of slush drinks, from Icee to Slurpee, and remain one to this day. The slush drink that was readily available to me was Slush Puppie brand slush drinks. I got them at the local Tastee-Freez in Turtle Lake, ND and then at Wenzie's in Bowbells, ND. (I might've spelled Winzie's wrong...)

As I got older and moved further south I did not see Slush Puppie machines as often. So I started drinking other brands of slush drinks, most often Icee.

Last week I found a box of Slush Puppie Slush Bars at the new Marsh in downtown Indianapolis, IN!

I bought the box and decided to write a review comparing each of the 4 flavors to my memory of Slush Puppie drinks past.

First up is my favorite Slush Puppie flavor: watermelon.

 It was good! I think it tastes a little different than the drink, but I like it. The Slush Puppie drinks were always more like a drinkable Sno Cone than the froth of an Icee or Slurpee or Speedway brand frozen drink. This slush bar was more frozen froth than the freezer pops I grew up eating.
Watermelon used to be my favorite fake fruit flavor. Now it's strawberry. Or orange... or peach.
Next up is Blue Raspberry!

Again very good. It was also more frozen froth than ice chunky. I don't remember there being a blue raspberry flavor Slush Puppie drink, but then again I didn't often choose blue raspberry flavored anything back then.

Next is Cola!

Yum! I think this is my least favorite of the 4 flavors, but it's still pretty good. I think I prefer the "frozen Coke" Icee of my youth to this slush bar, but I still like it for what it is.

And finally, everyone's favorite "fruit" flavor... it's CHERRY!

I like cherry enough, but prefer other "fruit" flavors. This cherry was very good, at least as good as cherry Icee. All cherry drinks taste kind of the same to me so this tastes exactly like I remember the cherry Slush Puppie drinks.

That is all the flavors in the box! I like these slush bars quite a bit, but I have to admit they make me miss the wax-protected paper cups full of syrup-soaked ice bits. The syrup sucked out of the ice, which all stuck together in a chunk at the bottom of the cup. Then I'd tip the cup towards my mouth, the bottom of the cup pointing to the ceiling, trying my best to tap out a few bits of ice without getting a face-full of it, and always failing miserably. Man, I miss that.

I recommend them! If you can't find them at your local grocer, check out the website here!

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