Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ponder and Enlightening comic for 8/31/14!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Made Real: Homestar Runner - The Denzel and Suudsu!

The Denzel and Suudsu are from the "Bedtime Story" sbemail. Go watch it!

From the Homestar Wiki:
" The Denzel is a "security item" that The Cheat sleeps with. According to Strong Bad, The Denzel  is a "grodalated" old sponge covered in bandages. The Cheat has needed The Denzel ever since watching a "shock-you-mentary" about gingivitis which scared him into insomnia. The Cheat likes to curl up with The Denzel and a nice glass of Suudsu while hearing a bedtime story from Strong Bad. It is a reference to the movie Man on Fire, where Dakota Fanning's character has a "security item", a teddy bear that she names for Denzel Washington's character."

Here he is in the sbemail:

And here he is Made Real!:

Again, as with Peanut Strong Bad Action Figure, the size/scale of some of the Denzel's parts are different in the sbemail than in their real-life counterparts. Here the size of the cartoon sponge to the cartoon band aids doesn't quite match up to the real-life sponge and band aids. I did okay with the placement and marker drawings, but it still looks a bit different. I made the grodalation with some food dye.

And now, SUUDSU! From the homestar wiki:
Suudsu (pronounced SUD-zoo) is a mixture of skim milk and gummi bears. It is The Cheat's favorite bedtime snack. He needs it to fall asleep at night along with "The Denzel" and other rigamarole. Strong Bad has also taken to it, describing it as "Pure Genius!" and "G-E-W-D, gewd". "Skim milk, Gummy bears... pur genius." Some mornings The Cheat, if he is still alive after being subjected to bug bombs, will fix Strong Bad and Strong Mad a big pitcher of this delicious concoction.


And my Suudsu Made Real!:

And the final picture, from the hrwiki: 

Made Real!:

Yeah, I put a towel down for The Cheat. My grill is not even approaching clean enough to sleep on. 

I tried the Suudsu too!

 It tasted like a milk shake, or like milk that had Fruity Pebbles or Fruit Loops in it. Pretty good.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Slush Puppie at the Corn Palace!

I was in Mitchell, SD over the weekend and got to see the Corn Palace (go read my post about it on my Corn Palace blog!) And while I was there I got to drink a Slush Puppie!

This banner is across the street from the Corn Palace! I was very excited and I bought a Strawberry Banana Slush Puppie.

It was terrible in the best possible way! So nostalgic-tasting!

I do not recommend the Strawberry Banana slush, but I do recommend Slush Puppie drinks!

And now I'm 30 points closer to getting my Slush Puppie t-shirt!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Krispy Kreme Glazed Peach Pie! - a review from the Ponder Couch

Look what I found!

It's a flavor of Krispy Kreme Glazed Pies that I didn't try for my Krispy Kreme Glazed Pies review! This one is Peach Pie! I used to not care for peach flavors other than actual peaches themselves, but recently I've found the I quite enjoy fake peach flavoring, especially sodas.

As with my favorite of the Krispy Kreme Glazed Pies, Banana Kreme, Peach is available for a "Limited Time Only!"

Let's a-try this-a pie!

It's pretty good! I still prefer fake peach flavoring or whole peaches to anything with cooked peaches, but I'd eat it again!

I'm trying to be more descriptive in my reviews so I'll describe this as "a Krispy Kreme Doughnut full of peach preserves".

Yeah... I'll do better next review.

If you are a fan of peaches or glazed pies, try one!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ponder and Enlightening comic for 8/17/2014!

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This is the newest Ponder and Enlightening comic! Click here to start with the first comic!

This is how Sir Mike and I felt about the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Top 5 Things at the Indiana State Fair 2014!

The Indiana State Fair is going on right now! Princess Melawesome and I went last weekend.

There are things almost everybody loves about the state fair: rides, weird food you probably shouldn't be eating, games, people watching, dodging puke from the rides and the carnies running the games... We can all agree that these things are wonderful parts of the annual fair experience, but there are other things I look forward to seeing and experiences every year that are not included in that list.

Here is a list of my


5. The Automated Music Wagons

Every year this Grand Master Concert Organ automated calliope is one of the first things I see as soon as I enter the fairgrounds gates! It plays fun music, and sets the mood for the day's fun. I found out this year that there are other Grand Master Concert Organs around the fair! I saw at least 2 more. If you go to the fair take a moment to watch and listen.

If you look closely at the window behind the right accordion, you might be able to see a stuffed Disney-style Pinocchio looking out longingly at the organ. It was kind of sad and wonderful all at the same time.

4. All of the Rain Gutter Service Displays!

After stopping by the concert organ we go into the first exhibit hall. Among all the dipping sauces, burned DVDs, and other stuff for sale there are always several gutter services/products displayed and demonstrated. I love these things! They use real running water to show how well their products protect your gutters from the leaves and other debris that can fill them to the point where they no longer catch water.

My appreciation of these displays stems from the same part of me that loves all display stuff: vending machines, advertisements, and the fake TVs, Computers, and other stuff that fill out and decorate furniture store displays.

3. The Cheese Sculpture!

Every year the Food Pavilion has a cheese sculpture. It is always amazing, disturbing, delicious-and-disgusting looking, and something I look forward to each year.

After I see the sculpture I venture over to the Agriculture building, my favorite of the exhibit halls.

It is full of all kinds of award-winning veggies, a tomato juice stand, and honey-related stuff. But I love seeing the:

2. Cans and Boxes Set Up to Look Like Other Stuff!

These are always amazing. Even this year, which was a bit underwhelming compared to years past, but this year's theme (the displays always have to do with the fair's theme) was the new Colosseum. Kinda boring, but they did what they could. Them being the companies that pay for whoever (whomever?) builds these displays each year to build them.

My favorite of this year's can and box displays was....

... the Tardis!

And on to my final favorite things:


I love these pumpkins! LOVE them! They are so big! I am growing pumpkins in my yard for Halloween this year, and none of mine are even 1/100th this big! How the Habitat for Humanity do they grow them so big?! They are like big, fat blobs of gourd that grew so large they could no longer hold any sort of pumpkin shape. They look like bags of jelly; like if I walked up to one and slapped it, it would ripple and jiggle every-which-way.

But the main reason I love these giant pumpkins is because seeing them means the summer is about to come to an end, autumn is just around the corner, and HALLOWEEN IS COMING! The fair itself marks the end of summer fun for me, but the seeing these giant pumpkins means I can let myself get excited about the impending holiday season. The existence, presences, and viewing of these giant pumpkins allows me to give myself permission to get excited and start appreciating all the Halloween stuff stores already have on display.

And that makes me happy.

Bonus Thing:

This year the fair had a Wine and Beer Tasting Hall! It was great! The beer I had was pretty good, it was free to get in, $5 a beer, and well regulated to make sure things were on the up-and-up. It was a great, cool (air conditioned!) stop between the rest of the day's humid festivities. And I love beer.

I hope you love the fair and get to go to yours if you haven't already!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Pizza Hut TMNT Michelangelo Pizza Review!

A few weeks ago Bryan Trusty told me that Pizza Hut was going to have 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles promotional pizzas with turtle-specific toppings. I haven't been a fan of Pizza Hut for many years, but Bryan asked me to do a review. So I tried. Princess Melawesome and I went out that weekend to order the Michelangelo (my favorite TMNT). But the Pizza Hut we went to didn't seem to know what we were talking about. So we just got a pepperoni stuffed crust.

I didn't see any TMNT decorations or ads or anything in the building. The website had them listed, but only the turtle names and the pictures of the pizzas. No pictures of the turtles. I do know they had a commercial:

(there should be a video above, as long as it's on youtube)

But that was it. Nothing in Pizza Hut, not much of anything on their website.

We waited a week.

Then in Target I saw this:

So we searched around for another Pizza Hut to try. They weren't quite sure whether or not the pizzas were official available yet. But they made us the Michelangelo anyway:

As described on the Pizza Hut site:

Michelangelo's Favorite Pizza

Known as the jokester, this one gets a little crazy with seasoned pepperoni, smoked ham, sweet pineapple and spicy jalapenos.

It was really good! I was a bit surprised because I don't usually care for pineapple on pizza, but I'd order it again! I also recommend that you check it out, especially if you're a TMNT fan.

Our waitress said that the pizzas would be available and promoted more when the movie comes out. I hope it is and that there are things like Ninja Turtle carry out boxes and the like. I would love to get another Mikey pizza, or maybe one of each, in a special box.

I don't know what to make of the new movie. I plan to go see it, even if it gets terrible reviews. I'll reserve judgement until I've actually seen it. Even if it's terrible (worse than "The Next Mutation" or the "Coming Out of Their Shells Tour", even) I'm glad it's coming out because of promotional goodies like this.