Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Made Real: Homestar Runner - The Denzel and Suudsu!

The Denzel and Suudsu are from the "Bedtime Story" sbemail. Go watch it!

From the Homestar Wiki:
" The Denzel is a "security item" that The Cheat sleeps with. According to Strong Bad, The Denzel  is a "grodalated" old sponge covered in bandages. The Cheat has needed The Denzel ever since watching a "shock-you-mentary" about gingivitis which scared him into insomnia. The Cheat likes to curl up with The Denzel and a nice glass of Suudsu while hearing a bedtime story from Strong Bad. It is a reference to the movie Man on Fire, where Dakota Fanning's character has a "security item", a teddy bear that she names for Denzel Washington's character."

Here he is in the sbemail:

And here he is Made Real!:

Again, as with Peanut Strong Bad Action Figure, the size/scale of some of the Denzel's parts are different in the sbemail than in their real-life counterparts. Here the size of the cartoon sponge to the cartoon band aids doesn't quite match up to the real-life sponge and band aids. I did okay with the placement and marker drawings, but it still looks a bit different. I made the grodalation with some food dye.

And now, SUUDSU! From the homestar wiki:
Suudsu (pronounced SUD-zoo) is a mixture of skim milk and gummi bears. It is The Cheat's favorite bedtime snack. He needs it to fall asleep at night along with "The Denzel" and other rigamarole. Strong Bad has also taken to it, describing it as "Pure Genius!" and "G-E-W-D, gewd". "Skim milk, Gummy bears... pur genius." Some mornings The Cheat, if he is still alive after being subjected to bug bombs, will fix Strong Bad and Strong Mad a big pitcher of this delicious concoction.


And my Suudsu Made Real!:

And the final picture, from the hrwiki: 

Made Real!:

Yeah, I put a towel down for The Cheat. My grill is not even approaching clean enough to sleep on. 

I tried the Suudsu too!

 It tasted like a milk shake, or like milk that had Fruity Pebbles or Fruit Loops in it. Pretty good.

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