Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Top 5 Things at the Indiana State Fair 2014!

The Indiana State Fair is going on right now! Princess Melawesome and I went last weekend.

There are things almost everybody loves about the state fair: rides, weird food you probably shouldn't be eating, games, people watching, dodging puke from the rides and the carnies running the games... We can all agree that these things are wonderful parts of the annual fair experience, but there are other things I look forward to seeing and experiences every year that are not included in that list.

Here is a list of my


5. The Automated Music Wagons

Every year this Grand Master Concert Organ automated calliope is one of the first things I see as soon as I enter the fairgrounds gates! It plays fun music, and sets the mood for the day's fun. I found out this year that there are other Grand Master Concert Organs around the fair! I saw at least 2 more. If you go to the fair take a moment to watch and listen.

If you look closely at the window behind the right accordion, you might be able to see a stuffed Disney-style Pinocchio looking out longingly at the organ. It was kind of sad and wonderful all at the same time.

4. All of the Rain Gutter Service Displays!

After stopping by the concert organ we go into the first exhibit hall. Among all the dipping sauces, burned DVDs, and other stuff for sale there are always several gutter services/products displayed and demonstrated. I love these things! They use real running water to show how well their products protect your gutters from the leaves and other debris that can fill them to the point where they no longer catch water.

My appreciation of these displays stems from the same part of me that loves all display stuff: vending machines, advertisements, and the fake TVs, Computers, and other stuff that fill out and decorate furniture store displays.

3. The Cheese Sculpture!

Every year the Food Pavilion has a cheese sculpture. It is always amazing, disturbing, delicious-and-disgusting looking, and something I look forward to each year.

After I see the sculpture I venture over to the Agriculture building, my favorite of the exhibit halls.

It is full of all kinds of award-winning veggies, a tomato juice stand, and honey-related stuff. But I love seeing the:

2. Cans and Boxes Set Up to Look Like Other Stuff!

These are always amazing. Even this year, which was a bit underwhelming compared to years past, but this year's theme (the displays always have to do with the fair's theme) was the new Colosseum. Kinda boring, but they did what they could. Them being the companies that pay for whoever (whomever?) builds these displays each year to build them.

My favorite of this year's can and box displays was....

... the Tardis!

And on to my final favorite things:


I love these pumpkins! LOVE them! They are so big! I am growing pumpkins in my yard for Halloween this year, and none of mine are even 1/100th this big! How the Habitat for Humanity do they grow them so big?! They are like big, fat blobs of gourd that grew so large they could no longer hold any sort of pumpkin shape. They look like bags of jelly; like if I walked up to one and slapped it, it would ripple and jiggle every-which-way.

But the main reason I love these giant pumpkins is because seeing them means the summer is about to come to an end, autumn is just around the corner, and HALLOWEEN IS COMING! The fair itself marks the end of summer fun for me, but the seeing these giant pumpkins means I can let myself get excited about the impending holiday season. The existence, presences, and viewing of these giant pumpkins allows me to give myself permission to get excited and start appreciating all the Halloween stuff stores already have on display.

And that makes me happy.

Bonus Thing:

This year the fair had a Wine and Beer Tasting Hall! It was great! The beer I had was pretty good, it was free to get in, $5 a beer, and well regulated to make sure things were on the up-and-up. It was a great, cool (air conditioned!) stop between the rest of the day's humid festivities. And I love beer.

I hope you love the fair and get to go to yours if you haven't already!

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