Friday, September 19, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

It's Autumn!

For a hundred-some days I've been growing pumpkins in my backyard.

 I have harvested 3!

That was the first one... up above there by the mixer. I'm pretty proud of them. I plan to carve them into jack-o-lanterns, saving some seeds, roasting some seeds, and just having an awesome Halloween season. I highly recommend it.

Last year I wrote a song about autumn, pumpkins, and harvesting them and stuff.

It's a pumpkin carol! You can buy it on my album of original holiday songs "Holy Days"!

You can buy it here! Click on one of those words and you'll find it! Or maybe the picture. I've never put a link in a picture before so I don't know if it worked.

Halloween is coming!

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