Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Clutter: Stickers All Over the Dressers!

I don't remember exactly when it started but at some point in my childhood I developed a love of sticker-covered things. It might've been a friend's older-sibling's bedroom door, it might've been one of my cousin's skateboards, it might've been some person on TV's dresser. I don't remember what inspired me, but I decided to cover my dresser with stickers.

Here is the front of my once-upon-a-time completely sticker-covered dresser. When I got older and was in my "putting away childish things" phase (before my "let's get those childish things back out" phase that I am currently in... in which I currently am... my phase which currently I am in an will continue... inhabiting.) I decided to take the stickers off. It didn't go so well, so many of them are still on there! Let's see go through them, shall we?

Many, many Roger Rabbit stickers from the trading card series. I was and still am in love with all things Roger Rabbit. So I put a lot of Roger Rabbit stickers on it.

On the right side you can see lots of little music note stickers. I got these from piano lessons. Collections that add up quickly are addictive.

On one side of the dresser you see lots of Super Mario Bros. and Punch Out stickers. I wish I had more of these for other sticker-cluttering projects.

Here we see some TMNT stickers from their trading card packs. I see a the Rocketeer sticker, too. I don't know where I got that one.

Here we see more Super Mario stickers, some "great job!" style stickers from school, some Dole fruit stickers (I think they were from oranges, but it might have been bananas), and my name from a label maker! Like every other kid, I loved seeing my name on stuff. I had scratched my name on the front of my dresser for some reason. I don't know, dumb kid reasons. And not only had I scratched it, I'd scratched each letter backwards. Not just "HTES", but each letter was backwards as well (the E and S facing the other way). Kids are weird. It's still covered with stickers, though, so you can't see my pre-Auto Correct text mistake.

I wonder what kind of stickers those white paper remnants were.

This other side is kind of hard to see. I couldn't get enough light on it to get a good picture, and it's full of fabric (from my mom's sewing collection) so I was too lazy to try to move it to get a better picture.

I can see a Prairie Public Radio bumper sticker (ND), some Colgate and pro-teeth brushing stickers, a bunch of "Buckle Up" and "Don't Drink and Drive" stickers, and a "Say No to Drugs" sticker. My parents gave me the NPR one, but I think the rest were from something at school.

My dresser was sticker-covered because I was copying someone I looked up to. My brother Kyle covered his dresser with stickers as well. He might've looked up to me, too, but it is equally as likely that I told him to do it, too so there was another place to sticker clutter.

Most of his stickers were taken off, but I still see some of the same Super Mario Stickers, a Ron Jon Surf Shop sticker (I'm jealous), a Link sticker, a Punch Out sticker, a dinosaur sticker, a Christmas tree sticker, and puffy butterfly sticker with googly eyes!

There's a Mr. Man or Smurfs or something like that sticker. I think it's a guy holding a flower. I'm not sure what it is.

I think that's another Punch Out sticker and some TMNT sticker remnants.

And that's it! I'll do more Clutter Culture posts as I find more things from my past that are cluttered or if I do any more cluttering.

Do you have anything that you've sticker-cluttered? I'd love to hear about it! Leave a comment or send me a link.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Flag for the Ponder Couch!

I love the podcast "99 Percent Invisible" and listen to their podcast frequently. On a recent episode titled "Vexillonaire" they talked about people who love and study flag design (it's a radio show about all aspects of design. Design is EVERYWHERE!) and the Vexillologists laid out 5 simple rules for flag design:

1. Keep it simple
2. Use meaningful symbolism
3. Use two to three basic colors
4. No lettering or seals of any kind.
5. Be distinctive

I decided to design a flag for the Ponder Couch! Here 'tis

I've always wanted my own flag! And I really like how this turned out. I think I followed all of the Vexillological rules to the best of my MS Paint abilities.

The light blue represents the sky. This is a reference to my comic strip "Ponder and Enlightening" which is where the Ponder Couch idea originated. And the redish-brownish shapes are meant to represent a couch. I hope that is how it reads.

The podcast also mentioned another thing to do to check if your flag is a good flag. "Here’s a trick: if you want to design a kickass flag, start by drawing a one-by-one-and-a half inch rectangle on a piece of paper.
A design at these dimensions held 15 inches from your eye looks about the same as a three-by-five foot flag on a flagpole a hundred feet away. Your design has to work within that tiny rectangle, because unlike other designed objects, a flag is usually seen at a distance. It is also often in motion and partially obscured."
So I made a smaller version:

I couldn't figure out how to make it 1 inch by 1.5 inches, but I think this is pretty close. Get up from your computer, walk back 15 inches or so. Or, if you're reading this on a smart-device hold it at arm's length. Does it still read as a fancy version of a couch? I think it does.

But I will never really know until someone makes one for me out of polyester or heavyweight 2x2 ply mercerized cotton flag material. Are there any vexillographers out there who want to make one and send it to me? Contact me at sethifusp@gmail.com!

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