Friday, January 2, 2015

2- Jason Schwartzman (a poem) - January 2, 2015

Jason Schwartzman is a guy

who does a lot of things that I

would also like to do but he

always does them before me.

At first he starred in "Rushmore".

A movie I had tried out for.

Then next he was in a band

which was something I had always planned

to do. But he was on TV

playing songs, unlike me.

There were more movies, like Hitchhiker's Guide

when I found that out, inside I died.

He kept acting, I acted pissed

and joked he was my nemesis.

He's in so many things I've enjoyed

and I felt a little big annoyed.

But anger just makes one throw fits

and being jealous won't help shit.

Now I've come to understand

I'm just a Jason Schwartzman fan.

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