Thursday, January 15, 2015

Day 15 - Calvin and Hobbes Made Real Costumes/TBT/Roger Rabbit! - 1/15/2015

I haven't done much "Made Real" or "Project CALVIN and HOBBES" lately because... well. I haven't been able to come up with much.

But here is an idea I had back in October, but did not have the materials to do in October!

But I have the materials now!

So Calvin's Mom made him a superhero costume...

Well, when I was little my Mom made a superhero cape for me (with sleeves, because I asked for sleeves)...

I still have that cape!

Granted, I didn't have a hood, and I called myself  "Super Seth" instead of "Stupendous Man", but I still consider them to be basically the same thing.

I plan to frame my super cape with sleeves some day, like people who can stomach sports frame old jerseys and crap like that. It would look lovely on the wall of my messy office.

Part 2!

Calvin dressed up as a dinosaur for Halloween one year!

And when we were little Mom made many Halloween costumes for my brother Kyle and me! Including...

A dinosaur costume and a Roger Rabbit costume!

Kyle is in the dino costume in the picture. I don't remember for sure if I ever wore it for Halloween, but I for sure remember wearing it around the house.

And look at that amazing Roger Rabbit costume, without the face on the right (how it originally was) and with the face on the left (added later to make it more complete).

And we all know how much I love Roger Rabbit!

I'm going to keep giving you great stuff like this! Why not pay me?

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