Saturday, January 24, 2015

Day 24 - 10 Lay's DoUsAFlavors! - 1/24/2015

So Lay's Potato Chips have a thing going on now where they ask people to submit flavors.

I just submitted 10 different flavors.

Here they are:


I'd eat it!


It's like a healthy-flavored chip!


I like Doritos more than Lay's. Even though I still like Lay's.


Beef might be more accurate, but Cow is more fun to say. "Cooooowwww..."


Jack and Cola. Good drink = Good chip?


I want a Monkey Butler. I don't know if they'd taste good in chip form, but it makes me happy that there is now an image of a Lay's potato chip bag that says "Monkey Butler" on it.


Sausage and Mouthwash. I had a dream where I ate a sausage called "Mouthwash". It was a normal sausage except the casing had a minty flavor to it. It was pretty good in the dream.


You know you want to kiss me.


What kid hasn't eaten paste? There must be a reason. It probably tastes good (he says, pretending that he doesn't know full well how paste tastes (good)).

And 10.

ComedySportz is hilarious and well worth your time. They should have a Lay's flavor.

I won't win this contest so I won't get the money. Wanna give me some money as a consolation prize?

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