Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Day 42 - Clutter: Day Planner Calendars - 2/11/2015

Look at those cluttered Day Planner Calendars! One from 2014 and one from 2006. Both have all sorts of stickers on them! Let's examine them, shall we?

First, 2006:

I see a big 2 Stupid Dogs sticker I made. A Relient K Back to the Few Tour sticker. A Roper sticker. Some Dr. Seuss. A Telly Monster. Sponge Bob. The Count. Chuck E. Cheese. A chimp or two. Squidward. And one with the Dinosaur guy who wants you to brush your teeth.

A Calvin and Hobbes sticker I made (it's the image I used for my C and H tattoo!). Dexter's Lab. They Might Be Giants. Atari. More Seuss. Ernie. Spongebob and Patrick. Gorilla. I think there's a Build-a-Bear sticker. An otter reading a book? A penguin. And one from a block of cheese!

On to 2014!

John Arbuckle! A fish bowl. Treasure Chest. Another Roper (I have a bunch of those, and tend to repeat stickers on more than one clutter-item). I voted and also Count! Jack-o-Lantern. A Children's Museum Haunted House. And a couple that are too small for me to see as I type this.

A bear. Archie McPhee! New! Mr. Yuck! Chimp! Skeleton! Garfield! Maggie! Matt Wixson (evil ska genius)! Banana! Heart! Smiley face! More small ones.

That's it for these two years. I thought I'd covered at least one more year's worth of a calendar planner thing, but I didn't see it on my shelf that 2006 inhabits.

I just got a new planner for 2015 yesterday. Meet back here in 2016 and maybe I'll tell you about the stickers I find for this one!

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