Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 56 - A poem about.... - 2/25/2015

Suggested by Princess Melawesome:

Kevin Sorbo and Hercules (a Poem)

Kevin Sorbo is not Hercules
but he played him on TV.
He has the hair and muscles and face
but he will never be
the mythical half-god
of tales and songs
but he comes a lot closer than me.

William Shatner is not Captain Kirk
but he played him on the show.
It wasn't a hit immediately
when it started so long ago.
His following has grown
from cult to Cult
and it only continues to grow.

Oprah is not Oprah...

No, wait, yes she is.

I'm poet, I don't show it, as often as I could
but become my patron, and I might, maybe, just maybe would.

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