Sunday, March 1, 2015

Day 60 - Winter Wonderland - 3/01/2015

It's been snowing in Indiana today.

I am ready for Spring, but it snowed nonetheless.

Princess Melawesome and I shoveled the walks today; Princess Melawesome did the back and I the front.

When I'd finished shoveling and was on my way to put the shovel back in the garage, I noticed that Princess Melawesome was shoveling snow in the southwest corner of our backyard, where there is no sidewalk to shovel.

It turns out she was starting to build a snow fort and had already started to build a snowman.

I love this woman.

Today's Thing-a-Day Thing(s) is/are a snowman and a snow fort. Pictures to follow.

Here is our snowman:

His name is "Parson Brown", after the snowman in the song "Winter Wonderland". (The one that wasn't a "Circus Clown").

On to the snow fort!

Princess Melawesome decided she wanted an arch over the doorway of the snow fort. The only way we could get the arch to stay up was to shove our broken shovel into the top of the fort as a ballast. Is that the word I'm looking for?

(googles it)

Yeah, that seems to be the word I meant to use.

I know that it won't stay up forever. Parson Brown was already starting to melt before we'd even started on the arch. But at least it stayed long enough for us to take a few pictures.

In my daydreams the snow fort will melt slowly. It would still be partially there at the beginning of April. I know it might be half-melted by tomorrow and might not last through the week, but daydreams are daydreams

And I plan to start building a Tiki Bar in that corner of the yard this spring anyway.

The whole winter wonderland afternoon ended in the proper way: soaked gloves that need a quick dry.

I hope to go sledding before the snow is gone.

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