Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day 113 - Arcade Token Display! - 4/22/2015

So... I made a Thing today...

but not all of it yet.

You see it will take way more game tokens than I have to fill up the frame I bought.

There are plenty of tokens down here:

but not enough to fill up this area:

So I guess I need to get more tokens and fill up the top to finish it.

Or maybe arrange them artistically on some lush fabric backing?

Nah, I'd rather just fill it with more tokens.

(anybody want to donate to my Thing?)

This Thing is reminiscent of another Thing I made (back before I was labeling them as capital letter Things).

It's a shadowbox type frame that I fill with ticket stubs and fliers and programs from shows and the like.

I like stuff like this. Yay clutter!

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