Saturday, May 2, 2015

Day 123 - Bcast Drinking Game!

Today's Thing is a Drinking Game for this podcast:

Here is the BCastCult with Mike and Mal Drinking Game!

Take 1 Drink if:

* There is a guest.
* Someone burps or clears their throat.
* Someone says "boobs".
* Someone talks to a pet.
* You can hear a train go by.

- Mike
* Says a film is "fun for the whole family"/
* Says "blah blah blah".
* Says "that's neither here nor there".

- Mal
* Says "Mmm-hmmm."
* Mentions another podcast.
* Mentions her Twitch Channel.

Take 2 Drinks if:

* Mike or Mal is not on the episode (that's 4 Drinks for the My Pet Monster Episode!)
* Geoff or another regular is on the episode.
* Someone mentions falling asleep during the featured movie.

Take 3 Drinks if:

* Someone says a phrase that ends up on a BCast t-shirt.
* There is an interview in the episode.

Finish Your Drink If:

* Joe from Harley Poe is on the episode.
* Mike and/or Mal start getting political.
* Someone says to edit something out.

That's it! That's the game!

I could add more stuff, but this is more than enough to get you drunk enough that you won't remember how the podcast ends.

Please to enjoy the BCast!

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