Monday, June 22, 2015

Day 171-173 - Bill, Mememe, and Skylar's Pitch Perfect! - 6/20/15, 6/21/15, 6/22/2015

Princess Melawesome and I were helping my parents move into their new apartment over the weekend. And it was Father's Day and the first day of summer!

So I didn't get any posts done or up.

Now I have 3 Thing-a-Day Things to share!

1. Bill the Cat!

A big part of helping my parents move is always carrying boxes of books. In a few of these boxes I found and thumbed through some Bloom County, Outland, Opus, and children's books by Berkeley Breathed.

I love all the stuff he's done. Looking through these books made me wanna take a crack at MS Painting ol' Bill.

2. Memes (sigh)

I just... it was all I could think of making.

3. Me and Skylar.

I have a big old man crush.

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