Monday, June 29, 2015

Day 180 - POW! Block Workout Shirt! - 6/29/2015

Princess Melawesome and I have been working out off and on for several years. We go to the gym most often and when it's warm enough we run on the canal.

When we started doing the Couch to 5K I made a few shirts specifically for working out.

The Flash and the Super Mario Star were the first ones I made.

The other two are "The Max" shirts I made for my 30th Birthday Saved by the Bell and the 90's party! I made a bunch and gave them out. The two in the picture are the only two I have left. They became workout shirts as well.

Here are a couple pictures Princess Melawesome photoshopped. They are my favorite pics of me wearing my workout shirt.

Anyway. Today's Thing-a-Day Thing is my new workout shirt!

It's got the POW block from the first Mario Brothers arcade game!

I kinda look forward to working out now!

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