Thursday, July 30, 2015

210 - Give to Caesar... - 7/30/2015

Happy Birthday Kyle!

Today's Thing-a-Day Thing is a suggestion from Princess Melawesome.

I couldn't think of a Thing to make and asked her. She said that since it's the last couple days of July I should make a picture of its namesake.

Probably not the same Caesar... I don't feel like researching.

I do know he's the salad dressing dude...

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day 209 - Panera Bread's Fontina Grilled Cheese! - 7/29/2015

I have a fast food obsession.

Panera Bread's Fontina Grilled Cheese.

(all pics in this article will link to their sources)

It wasn't an obsession at first, just a really freaking good grilled cheese.

But then... I found out it's a seasonal menu item...



I... I... I just...

I finally understand Homer in the Krusty Ribwitch episode...

Or those people who are McRib fanatics... I guess.

I like Homer more than McDonald's.

I didn't try the Krusty Ribwitch when I was in Universal Studios Florida... I've made a mistake... several mistakes...

Why didn't I eat more of them while they were still available?!?!

It's so creamy and cheesy and the herbs or seasoning or whatever... I don't know what's in it. Fontina?

So melt-y and, and...

... unhealthy and perfect.

Panera Bread, why must you hurt my heart so?

I mean, just look at this crap:

I used to look at a picture like that and think, "Yeah! That would be so good with some tomato soup!"

Now I just think... "YUCK! No thank you!"

Panera Bread, you've ruined me forever...

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 208 - Leventh the Couch Elf! - 7/28/2015

Today's Thing-a-Day Thing is Leventh! The Couch Elf!

You might know him from Ponder and Enlightening or the From the Ponder Couch strips on here, but probably not.

I like him quite a bit, even though he doesn't have that much character to his character.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 207 - Pass the Stick! Point and Click! Sam and Max Hit the Road! - 7/27/2015

You remember Pass the Stick! right?

It's the new youtube channel that Sir Mike, Bryan Trusty, and I started for video game stuff.

Well on that channel I have a new show called "Pass the Stick Point and Click!"!

Watch it, won't you?

This first episode is about "Sam and Max Hit the Road", my favorite Point and Click adventure game!

I plan to make more episodes in the future. I'll make sure to speak up a little more and find some way to reflect the light up onto my face instead of letting my features lurk in the shadows.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day 206 - New Pande! - 7/26/2015

Today's Thing-a-Day Thing is a new "Ponder and Enlightening" comic!

More to come????

(prolly not for a while)

Day 206 - Alice the Camel! - 7/25/2015

Today's (yesterday's) Thing-a-Day Thing is Alice the Camel!

This is one of the favorites of the PreK children I teach! I've been meaning to record it for a while. I think it turned out pretty great.

Please share it with any children, parents, teachers, or other people who might enjoy it!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day 205 - Suffocate! (originally by Green Day) - 7/24/2015

A day late is better than a buck short.

Today's (yesterday's) Thing-a-Day Thing is my acoustic, kinda countrified version of Green Day's song "Suffocate". It's a B-side or a rarity or something like that.

I tried to sing it as good as I could. I hope you don't hate it!

I took it a half-step down so I could play it with acoustic guitar chords.

Please share it with someone you care about. Or someone who suffocates you. Or something...

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day 204 - Behemoth the Muppet! - 7/23/2015

Today's Thing-a-Day Thing is Behemoth! He's a Muppet!

I watched the 10 minute pitch the Muppets made for ABC.  Behemoth is in it. I decided to make a picture of him.

It's up there!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 203 - Big Don Wrigley! - 7/22/2015

Today's Thing-a-Day Thing is my attempt to draw Pete and Pete's Dad!

I love how manly man's man Don Wrigley is.

I still want his shaving foam warmer for shaving in the woods.

I also liked seeing him play characters on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 202 - Madd Matt! - 7/21/2015

Today's Thing-a-Day Thing is Madd Matt!

Madd Matt is from Dinosaur Dracula!

Every few months I post something about or inspired by Dinosaur Dracula. I can't help myself.

Today on Mummy Shark (DinoDrac's sister tumblr sight) Matt put up someone else's take on Madd Matt. I liked it and figured I'd try my hand at an interpretation.

I cannot wait for Halloween season to roll around and Madd Matt to make another appearance! Not to mention Harley, Leviathan, Leonard, and Shrunken Apple Head!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 201 - The Sun - 7/20/2015

Today's Thing-a-Day Thing is...


I'm watching the first episode of the newer Cosmos series.  It's really good. It made me want to draw the sun with a face.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Day 200! - Pass the Stick! - 7/19/2015

Today's Thing-a-Day Things is Pass the Stick!

It's a new video game review and game play youtube channel started by Bryan Trusty, Mike Keltner, and me!

The first episode was Bryan and Mike playing "Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine".

And here's the first episode I'm on! It's "Chester Cheetah's Too Cool to Fool"!

Watch, subscribe, like, share, suggest other games for us to play!

You can buy the shirt I'm wearing in the video HERE!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 199 - Holy Days 2! - 7/18/2015

Today's Thing-a-Day Thing is a new album cover!

You can download it on my bandcamp page!

It's only $3.00! I plan to add more songs to it as I record them. When I do it'll still only be $3.00. So you can buy it now, if you wish, but I'd wait.

You can listen to all of them for free on youtube anyway.

It's a sequel-in-progress to Holy Days:

It's $3.00, too.

You should go buy that one. That's as many songs as it'll ever have.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 198 - Sethsaphone Mash-up Song! - 7/17/2015

Today's Thing-a-Day Thing is a Mash-up of "Baker Street" and "Careless Whisper"!

From the youtube description:

Baker Street is originally by Gerry Rafferty!

Careless Whisper is originally by George Michael!

This is a mash-up of both songs! Or at least their saxophone parts!

I play it on sethsaphone because I don't know how to play saxophone!


More of things at!

Here are the original songs:

I know Baker Street only from Lisa Simpson playing it in one episode of the Simpsons. I don't remember where I heard Careless Whisper for the first time.

These two saxophone parts always make me think of the Night Man Theme Song:

Now that I listen to it again, I'm not sure why they remind me of it. I used to think "Careless Whisper" was the Night Man Theme.  My memory doesn't always remember well.

If you want more sethsaphone covers of saxophone songs, just ask!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day 197 - Can't Get Enough of that Wonderful Duff! - 7/16/2015

Duff Beer will be available!!!! In other countries... sigh...

If only they'd make it available here. I'd keep it in the fridge all the time. That is, if it tastes anything like the Duff in Universal Studios.

I don't know if it's really as good as it tasted or if it's just the fact that I was ACTUALLY DRINKING AN ACTUAL DUFF BEER!

Anyway, today's Thing-a-Day Thing is a photo tribute to Duff Beer! All the pics I can find on this computer and in the photo cache blog thing.

God-willing, some day soon this will be real. With real Duff Beer (not energy drink).