Sunday, July 12, 2015

5 Commercials From My Childhood That Have Stuck With Me!

Here are 5 commercials I saw in my childhood that have stuck with me.

1. Hershey's One of the All-Time Greats

This commercial is random. It's part of the reason I started liking random things so much, I think. This and the cartoon short "Now Hear This!"

2. Milk It Does a Body

Another wonderfully random commercial! I dig the spoken-song thing.

3. Who Put the Straw in My Hi-C Fruit Drink?

This is one of the first times I heard a song in a commercial and realized it was a reworded version of a song I knew.

This kinda set me on the path to writing "Santa Buddy".

4. That's a Blow Pop!

I don't know why this one has stuck in my memory.

I do like the "What?! What?! Cut cut..." part.

5. McDonald's Doodles

This commercial helped me make it through 16+ years of sitting through classes. I don't know that I would've graduated at all if I didn't have doodling in my boredom toolkit. My doodles have never come to life, though.


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