Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 198 - Sethsaphone Mash-up Song! - 7/17/2015

Today's Thing-a-Day Thing is a Mash-up of "Baker Street" and "Careless Whisper"!

From the youtube description:

Baker Street is originally by Gerry Rafferty!

Careless Whisper is originally by George Michael!

This is a mash-up of both songs! Or at least their saxophone parts!

I play it on sethsaphone because I don't know how to play saxophone!


More of things at!

Here are the original songs:

I know Baker Street only from Lisa Simpson playing it in one episode of the Simpsons. I don't remember where I heard Careless Whisper for the first time.

These two saxophone parts always make me think of the Night Man Theme Song:

Now that I listen to it again, I'm not sure why they remind me of it. I used to think "Careless Whisper" was the Night Man Theme.  My memory doesn't always remember well.

If you want more sethsaphone covers of saxophone songs, just ask!

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