Friday, July 10, 2015

More My Pet Monster!

I meant to post the lyrics of the My Pet Monster song in yesterday's post.

I'll post them now.

That's little me in the picture above.

Consider this post a poem instead of lyrics. I think it works.


Yes please come in, come in!
Thank you for attending
this private viewing of my collection
of oddities and curiosities from all around the world.

Here you will see my gallery
my Addams, Gorey, and Grimly,
but that's for the general public to see
let's travel further down.

Venture down the spiral staircase
where my artifacts are stored.
Yes some are quite illegal
but certain laws must be ignored.
To house such priceless treasures
one cannot afford
to play by the rules that uncultured men adore.

I have voodoo dolls and shrunken heads
reanimated limbs from the living dead
and gore-stained sheets stolen from the beds
of the newly exorcised.

An over here is a queer little piece of history
a shackled box shrouded in mystery.
It seems the only skeleton key
is the blood of men who lie.

And speaking of blood...
please don't mind the floors.
The red-brown spotting, the visceral smell,
and where the wood is scored
as if by someone's fingernails
as they were dragged behind the door.
It seems this evening's true purpose
can no longer be ignored!

My Pet Monster
need something to eat
it's a pity
but you're within reach.
His tummy is rumbly
and Kibble just won't do
when what he's got the munchies for
is you.

As his teeth grind your bones
for his daily bread
I ignore your screams of agony
and soon you'll be dead!

My Pet Monster
can not be restrained.
His hunger cannot
be contained.
The death of the innocent
is my one regret.
He's a monster,
but he's still my pet.

I'm pretty proud of these words. I think I wrote a solid little story here. It works as a poem, song, or prose.

Please share either form of it if you think somebody else might enjoy it.

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