Sunday, August 2, 2015

Day 212 - A Good Eats Drinking Game That Would Kill You! - 8/1/2015

Saturday's Thing-a-Day Thing is a drinking game for this show:

I love "Good Eats". Princess Melawesome and I have been watching and rewatching and falling asleep to Good Eats episodes on DVD and Netflix for years. I love how it breaks cooking down to the science of it in a fun Bill Nye meets Pee-Wee's Playhouse kind of way.

In these years of watching I've noticed certain rhythms, running jokes, etc. that can be fun or irritating depending on my mood.

Here are a few that you will now also start noticing, in drinking game form.

Oh, and a warning... If you actually play this drinking game, it will kill you.

Take a Drink:

1. Whenever Alton says "Uh", "Um", or any other silence fillers that speech and drama teachers try to drum out of you. These happen a lot.

2. Whenever Alton does a fake laugh. The kind of "heh, heh, heh" laugh that indicates that he thinks he is doing something naughty.

3. If Shirley (a food scientist)

or Chuck  (Alton's neighbor)

are in the episode.

They are my favorite recurring characters. They are the only characters that Alton is completely nice to all the time. They deserve a drink in their honor.

I guess he's pretty nice to the lady of the fridge, too, kind of...

Finish Your Drink:

1. When Alton tricks someone, pulls something over on someone, or makes someone look like a moron. It happens at least once an episode.

2. Whenever someone mentions New York City and everyone around them exclaims "New York City?!?!?! like in the Pace Salasa commercials.

This was funny once.

Funny is a matter of opinion, I know, but finishing a drink makes it much easier for me to swallow this joke.

3. Whenever he pulls out a shoddy prop (by which I mean it looks like I made it instead of a prop master for a professional television show), or points out that a prop or costume is recycled from a previous show.

Except for the chicken.

That chicken is awesome.

That's it! Follow these instructions and die!

Or don't. You could just watch the show and enjoy it. It's up to you.

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