Thursday, August 6, 2015

Day 217 - August Shouldn't Be Cold! - 8/6/2015


Today's Thing-a-Day Thing is the OFFICIAL VIDEO for the new song from my in-progress LP "Lynn Monologues"!

Here's the youtube description:

From my in-progress album "Lynn Monologues"!
It will be a full length LP of original acoustic instrumental songs. If I get around to recording the other songs...

You can and should download this song here!

You could wait and download the whole album, but you might be waiting a long time.

I break bread clips in the video because I like to break bread clips (see this comic about it! )
It also you something to look at while you listen to the song.

If you bought the track it would encourage me to record (and write) more songs to fill out the album!

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