Saturday, August 8, 2015

Day 219 - More Shirts!!!! - 8/8/2015

I helped make 3 things today!

But they rely on other people and some time to pass before they will be done so...

I made some more shirts you can buy at the Ponder Couch Store!

I made a male and a female version of the dark shirt for each image!

Below are a picture of each new shirt! (some male, some female). Most of the images are the byline pics for everyone who has published something on the Ponder Couch!

The last two are my favorites.

Again, you can buy all of these at the Ponder Couch Store! And you should!

At least a few of them.

The holidays are just around the corner! Kind of...

I opened a new cafepress store, too. So far there is just one design, but it's on a lot of stuff.

I plan to add more designs. Some time. After I've made more designs.

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