Thursday, August 13, 2015

Day 224 - Halloween is Coming! According to Marsh - 8/13/2015

Princess Melawesome and I were at Marsh, getting some groceries, when we stumbled upon this:

I got excited.

Not because I love candy corn. Because I don't eat it, but I still buy it sometimes during the candy corn season.

I do like how it smells.

No, I got excited because I know Autumn and Halloween is coming!

I got cautiously excited.

Halloween is the best and Autumn is great, too. But I don't want to get too excited about either and end up sick of both halfway through October.

So it was a cautious excitement.

Enough excitement to take a picture.

We kept walking, gathering more items we need. Nothing too fun, just stuff to make meals and cat stuff.

Then we saw this:

Look at all those various shades of orange, yellow, and brown!

More candy corn. And "Indian Corn"...

And those strange jelly pumpkins. I don't remember what they taste like, but I like how they look.

And a variety of other candy...

Like the candy you hand out during Halloween!

And then a bunch of tea and Gatorade.

Took another picture.

Grabbed a few more boring things, crackers and cheese and an Italian salami, etc.

Finally, I saw this bin of boxes.


I can't remember the last time I bought any of these cereals.

Although I do usually eat some Fruit Loops when they are available in a Continental Breakfast.

I honestly forgot that Apple Jacks were around. Never really been a fan, but I don't remember hating them either.

I do remember this Apple Jacks commercial from 1988:

Yep, that's Jaleel White who played Urkel in Family Matters.

Catchy little song.

I'd forgotten that the spokes characters for Apple Jacks are now and apple and a cinnamon stick thing.

I don't remember what Krave cereal is.

Oh yeah. I just looked it up. It's like a chocolate version of Hidden Treasures.

But look at those Halloween Boxes! Toucan Sam and the Apple Jacks guys look extra creepy in the best possible way!

That's why I decided to take a 3rd picture and combine all three with some words to make a post that would be today's Thing-a-Day Thing!

So I'm more excited for Autumn and Halloween than I'd like to be at this point in the calendar year.

That's why I'm going to jump the gun and post the Halloween playlist from my youtube page:

<iframe width="425" height="344" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Gosh I hope that link embedded.

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