Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Day 243 - Homegrown Popcorn! - 9/1/2015

This is the second year I've grown pumpkins in my yard for the Halloween season. But this year is also a year of firsts!

Well, one first.

This year I am also growing popcorn!

Popcorn is my absolute favorite food. And since Orville Redenbacher popcorn is grown in Indiana, I decided to buy some air pop popcorn from the store and try my luck!

Here's the first ear:

 I picked it a couple weeks back because the stalk was broken and dying. I think I hit it with the lawn mower. Oops.

It looked like something had gotten to it or it hadn't had a chance to grow all of the corn kernels. But rather than throwing it away I decided to pick it and see how it dried and popped!

Today I saw that another ear looked most of the way dried out.

I picked that too! That one should pop up nicely!

Anyway, back to lil' ear.

I put it in the only paper bag I had and popped it (ha!) in the microwave.

Right after it started cooking I could smell a cooked corn smell that I don't usually get when microwaving popcorn.

Then it started smelling burnt.

It was still popping so I let it keep going until the programmed Popcorn time ran out.

Near the end white smoke started coming out of the bag.

I opened the bag to find...

Most of it popped!

The cob burned up, but the popcorn looked like popcorn!

I tried a couple pieces and, yep, that's popcorn!

I'm so proud of myself!

So proud I recreated my byline banner picture!

I found a new pumpkin today!

So excited!

Here's another picture of me where I'm not making a goofy face.


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