Monday, September 7, 2015

Day 247 - Global Icon? What Went Wrong?! - 9/5/2015

Princess Melawesome and I love Korean Dramas!

Through this we started listening to KPop.

Most of KPop is not my cup of tea, but we loved Global Icon!

They only had a couple of songs out when we started listening to them. They released another song or two that were okay, but nothing approaching this:

I'm not going to say this is terrible. It's fine. But it's not the Global Icon Princess Melawesome and I fell in love with.

Granted, it started as us thinking it was silly, cute, and kinda dumb. We watched it because it made us laugh. But Beatles and GI-Yeuk are so damn catchy.


I don't know if it was the songs, their attempts as speaking English, their lyrics about dancing and getting into the music, their mid-90's Jonathan Taylor Thomas styles, or their Nickelodeon Slime sets that won me over, but I miss all of those things.

Just had to get it off of my mind and onto the Ponder Couch.

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