Monday, September 7, 2015

Day 248 - An Open Letter to Mattel! - 9/6/2015

Okay, Mattel. You've been fooling around long enough.

You only have until October 21 to make Hoverboards real.

That isn't much time.

I shouldn't even give you that much time. In Back to the Future 2 hoverboards have been a thing for a while. Long enough that little girls in the middle of downtown Hill Valley have them and don't mind too much when they get taken away (as long as they get a Pit Bull) (speaking of which, where the crap are our Pit Bull hoverboards?!).

Oh, and this stuff isn't cutting it.

And Lexus is kinda beating you to it. Only kinda. Theirs only works on certain ramps so far.

So get on it! Please?

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