Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Day 251 - Wayward Little Soot Sprite (a poem) - 9/9/2015

Today's Thing:

Wayward Little Soot Sprite
Floating near the roof
darkening the corners
and giving me the proof
of other things out there
of which we're unaware
behind the ceiling fan blades
and underneath the stairs.

It's gently floating downwards
and wafting about my head
filling me with wonder
excitement and some dread.
For Soot Sprites only stick around your house
if you're not good at heart.
To mock, bother, and torment you
and tear your house apart.

But it just keeps on floating
and bobbing up and down
tapping up against the texturing
and skimming o'er the ground.
I guess it just wants to hang out
take a break, relax
nestled on the Couch
and eating Soot Sprite snacks.

I quite like the little guy
and our time, together spent
I quite like his company,
but wish he'd pay more rent.

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