Friday, September 25, 2015

Day 267 - Scared Monsters (a poem) - 9/25/2015

Today's Thing-a-Day is a would-be MisterSeth song!

It's all about monsters being scared.

Here's a better picture of the monster.

Here are the words:

When Monsters get scared
what do they do?
Do their eyes tear up?
Do they cry Boo Hoo?
Do they growl and grunt
and get ready to fight?
Do they bare their fangs
and take a bite?
Do they hide their eyes
and cover their head?
Do they cower in the closet
or dive under the bed?
Do they shiver and shake?
Do they quiver and quake?
Do they get a sudden stomach ache?
Do they run away?
Do they scare you back?
Do they spill their salty monster snacks?
Do they laugh and say "hey that was neat!"?
Or trip over their stinky monster feet?
I'd like to know what a monster would do.
So the next time you see one yell out a "Boo!"

I hope to add music and make a song some time.

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