Thursday, October 1, 2015

Day 273 - My 2015 Halloween Mood Table (shelf)! - 10/1/2015

Dinosaur Dracula's Madd Matt put the idea of a Halloween Mood Table last year.

The basic idea is that you put a bunch of Halloweeny stuff on a table to help keep your Halloween spirits alive during the season.

I made one last year. This year's is very similar, but I've added a few things and taken some away.

This year's Halloween Mood Shelf (I don't have an available table) is today's Thing-a-Day Thing!

This year I added a new popcorn tin, a Slimer toy I got from ebay, a Grim Reaper beany baby I got from Marsh... and that might be all that's new. Oh, there's also a cannon ball bottle that I bought on Talk Like a Pirate Day! It used to have rum shots in it. They are gone.

Wait... was my shrunken apple head in last years?

I can't remember.

You'll also see the Jack-o-lantern sculpture I bought from Joe from Harley Poe at a Horror Hound last year... or the year before.

Pez dispensers, a Chesire Cat head, another popcorn tin, the fake plants in a vase that are always there, a fake pumpkin I carved several years ago, a penguin (scary), a metal haunted house, an Asian mask I got from Disney World when I was 14, 2 masks Princess Melawesome and I made for the play Medea in college, a pumpkin candle, hanging ghost, pumpkin guy, and cat, a pumpkin carving kit, and Halloween crackers (the kind you pull, the pop, and have a paper crown, prize, and fortune inside).

I'm just now realizing I forgot Egon Spangler from Ghostbusters. He's up in my office. I'll add him later.

I also didn't put the Halloween movies and specials up there like I did last year. I don't know if I'll add them to the shelf or leave them by my DVD/Blu Ray player.

I plan to add other Halloweeny stuff as I get it this year.

Here are pictures of other Halloween stuff from around my house.

And here I a

Look at my tummy! It looks bigger than it is 'cuz I'm sticking it out so you can see my shirt good. It only looks a little bigger than it actually is.

And right on schedule I had a pumpkin in my backyard pumpkin patch ready to pick today!

There are several more that are well on their way! It promises to be a good crop this year!

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