Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 295 - Music Plans! - 10/24/2015

Today's Thing is a list of music things I wanna do.

Hey, I'm, like, 5 days behind. I'm trying to catch up.

Here we go:

1. I'd like to do a pop punk cover band that plays all Herman's Hermits songs.

The only name I've come up with so far was High Peter Noone.

2. I want to start a band that writes songs about Monty Python stuff. It's called Pythoneque (or Pythonesque Band).

I made a youtube page for it, but haven't put any music on it yet.

Some day...

3. I want to sing "My Funny Valentine" backed by a handbell choir.

4. I want to sing "Mambo Italiano" backed with a tuba.

5. I want to start a band that would sing songs like the Beatles and the Zombies and other stuff like that.

I even have one song written!

6. I want to write a couple albums of minstrel-style songs as sethifus. The album titles would be "Historically, Chronologically, and Utterly Inaccurate" and "Straight Out Tha Renaissance Fair".

I'd get a guitar that looks like this:

... and wear tights and stuff.

There are probably more music ideas I wanna do, but can't remember at the moment.

Somebody help me finish something...

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